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Jim Speth

Jim Speth engaged formal photography training in junior and senior high school. There, he quickly discovered a love for shooting, developing, and printing his artwork. His passion to learn and ability to combine techniques with imagination, made his early artwork both impressive and enjoyable.

Having completed high school, he enrolled in college and took as many photography classes as were offered by the school. There, his desire to push the envelope of print medium, allowed Jim to focus his time in the darkroom. This rare skill of darkroom printing now allows Jim a deep understanding of modern digital processes.

Jim now shares his love for photography as well as the art of “editing to show truth”, with others.  He has taught and mentored photographers in several countries and has shared his unique style with a wealth of high level photographers including photographers from National Geographic. 

As a child, Jim fell in love with the artwork of Ansel Adams. To this days, he studies the works of other master photographers to ensure that he, like his childhood hero, captures artwork that provides deep emotional connections and healing.  When shootings landscapes, Jim focuses on the emotion of the moment or what he calls the “truth”. When asked about his feeling toward his clients Jim said: “Nothing is more important to me than my client’s excitement for their purchase.  I know that, over time, my images will provide lasting healing and a unique connection to nature.  My desires have always been for truth.  To capture Nature, unaltered by man, tells no lie!””

We have a deep and fundamental connection to color, shapes and textures.  There is a very real need in our physical and emotional core to connect with artwork that brings us healing and rejuvenates us spiritually. Jim believes only someone who can see depth as it reaches out, emotion as it lights, and feeling as it’s seen, has the ability to portray images as they are. He said: “Greatness in photography requires more than technical expertise. Photography is art requiring the ability to view and judge subjects emotionally. It is my goal to discover and capture this emotion energy in my art.”

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